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A woman disguises the dog as a newborn…
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A woman disguises the dog as a newborn to take him to visit the grandmother in the hospital

August 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes, to bring a smile back to the people we love most, we just need to let them spend time with a cat or dog, in the company of their inimitable affection. One thing that Shelby Hennick, a veterinary technician from California, knows very well. She went to great lengths to bring her beloved 13-year-old dog to her grandmother, who had been hospitalized in solitude. How did she do it? By masquerading the little dog inside a sheet, pretending it was a newborn!

Although the hospital allowed pets to visit indoors, Shelby did not have all the animal's paperwork with her, so she decided to enter the hospital hiding little Patsy behind a sheet, making her pass for a sleeping baby in swaddling clothes ...  and it succeeded!

None of the nurses noticed anything, and so Shelby was able to enter the room where her grandmother was hospitalized with the elderly dog; and she was really surprised to find her beloved Patsy behind that cover!

The 13-year-old dog climbed onto her elderly hospitalized owner's bed and covered her with hugs and kisses ...


Shelby's grandmother has finally been discharged, she has returned home with her beloved dog, and her granddaughter is more than sure that the visit by her little dog Patsy has helped her to feel much, much better!

"I'm definitely happy I snuck her in without anyone noticing!" Shelby said. "I would do it again, and not because of the attention I'm getting now from the media, but because I know it made them both happy, my grandmother and her dog!"

Congratulations on your courageous and loving act towards your grandmother, dear Shelby!

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