An entire village remained in the dark for 35 days to save the lives of a sparrow and its young -
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An entire village remained in the dark…
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An entire village remained in the dark for 35 days to save the lives of a sparrow and its young

By Alison Forde

When you are faced with an animal in distress, you have a duty to help it just as you would a human being. In India, a village located in the state of Tamil Nadu decided to make some sacrifices in order to keep a sparrow and its young alive. When the villagers discovered a nest with lots of eggs right on the general electrical panel for the village, they decided to do without electricity for some time. On the other hand, in India, sparrows risk extinction and for this reason the women and men of the village wanted to contribute to the survival of the nest.


The idea of staying in the dark to save the nest came to the mind of a 20-year-old student, who first noticed the presence of sparrows on the general electrical panel of the village. Together with his friends he photographed the nest and sent the photo on the village WhatsApp group, asking the 100 families present to collaborate and not to use the power connected directly to that unit. With this request, the young man was asking the village to turn off the 35 local lampposts. All the inhabitants collaborated willingly and for almost 36 days they did not use the street lamps, allowing the eggs to hatch and the sparrows to grow a little.

 A nice example of generosity which, unfortunately, we are not used to seeing every day.

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