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An entire village remained in the dark for 35 days to save the lives of a sparrow and its young

When you are faced with an animal in distress, you have a duty to help it just as you would a human being. In India, a village located in the state of Tamil Nadu decided to make some sacrifices in order…

Ravens CAN speak -- Edgar Allan Poe was RIGHT!

Is it not astonishing the ability that birds have to repeat words and sentences spoken by humans? In addition, birds can even repeat and imitate not only the words but also the exact intonation! In this…
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This huge and fierce Condor has never forgotten his friend .....

Although they are birds that not everyone considers to be "beautiful", huge Condors do still communicate their own undeniable charm, with their out of proportion wingspan (which they never fail to put…

Make wild birds happy with this DIY Birdfeeder!

Birds can be very delicate creatures and among other problems, there is the climate that presents challenges both in terms of temperatures as well as the availability of food. Therefore, a nice way to…
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Love at first sight? Or an honest mistake!? Wow!

The sage grouse is a bird that weighs approximately 5 kg (12 lb) and has a wingspan of one and a half meters or almost five feet! What if one of these large birds mistook us for a female grouse as we…
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When doing a little ... can mean A LOT!

While feeding his horses this man noticed the strange behavior of a little bird! The man saw that the little bird was standing on a warm pipe and had probably landed there to quench its thirst. However,…

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