Make wild birds happy with this DIY Birdfeeder! -
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Make wild birds happy with this DIY…
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Make wild birds happy with this DIY Birdfeeder!


Birds can be very delicate creatures and among other problems, there is the climate that presents challenges both in terms of temperatures as well as the availability of food.

Therefore, a nice way to help them is to build birdfeeders constructed especially for wild birds. In this video tutorial, we show you how to make them with your own hands!

You will need a glass bottle, a bowl, a wooden board approximately 36 cm in height (1 ft) and 14 cm in length (a half a foot) plus a square wooden base also measuring 14 cm (a half a foot), glue, and wire (or something similar). 

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DIY Bottle Bird Feeder

This upcycling project is a banquet for the birds! >> (via HGTV)

Pubblicato da DIY Network su Sabato 15 aprile 2017

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