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A goose calls out to a police agent…
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A goose calls out to a police agent for help!

December 17, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Agent James Givens has been employed by the Police Service of Cincinnati, Ohio for about 26 years. As you can imagine, during his career he has had to deal with many different situations, many with a strong emotional impact. 

Nevertheless, what he had to face in this case was somewhat unusual . . . and we could say literally extraordinary! 

As he sat in his car service, a desperate goose approached. Instinctively, the police agent threw it some bread, but the goose ignored him and continued to complain loudly.

image: wikimedia

The animal's behavior was very strange! The goose would walk away but then return towards James making loud noises of complaint. Eventually, he decided to follow it, since it appeared that the animal was asking him to do just that! 

The goose proceeded in front of him, and led him into a grassy area about 100 meters (330 feet) away and to his surprise,  James found a little gosling (a baby goose) trapped in the string of a balloon.

The police agent was reluctant to approach the gosling, therefore, he asked for assistance from his colleague, police agent Cecilia Charron, who did not hesitate to intervene. Surprisingly, the mother goose did not take or display any aggressive behavior toward the woman, which is very rare for this species, which is usually very protective of their baby goslings.

The rescue lasted several minutes (please see the video on the page), after which the baby gosling was returned unharmed to its mother goose.

image: wikimedia

Because of how the events took place, James remained in disbelief. "I do not even know why I had the urge to follow her, but I did it."' He said shortly after "Apparently they understand that in case of danger ... they can ask human beings for help!" 

A beautiful example of how, in need or emergency, even the biggest differences become completely negligible!

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