Two hummingbirds are having dinner ...…
A little girl fills a bag with basic necessities: what she is going to do is admirable! How to fold fitted sheets with elastic corners?! Become an expert!

Two hummingbirds are having dinner ... A few seconds later? A sight to see and hear!

February 22, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

This video, filmed by an amateur photographer in Montana (USA), will without a doubt, bring a bit of beauty and poetry to your day! It all starts with two cute little hummingbirds that are feeding on water and sugar in a spectacular scenario that has a splendid sunset as the perfect backdrop for this performance offered by Mother Nature!

After only a few moments, the relative calm is transformed into a feeding frenzy, with an amazing crescendo of movements and sounds, and an entire flock of hummingbirds joins the incredible banquet giving us a natural spectacle that looks and sounds like a dream.


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