Two hummingbirds are having dinner ... A few seconds later? A sight to see and hear!

This video, filmed by an amateur photographer in Montana (USA), will without a doubt, bring a bit of beauty and poetry to your day! It all starts with two cute little hummingbirds that are feeding on…

A man holds a red glass: what happens next is priceless !

To enjoy the contact with nature, you can walk in a park or even better go to a forest: listen to the birds singing and fill your eyes with the green of the trees, is refreshing. This man, however, didn't…

This hummingbird was almoast dead but an angel takes care on it !

A guy finds a small hummingbird and decides to take care of it, feeding it with sugar water and insects. Gradually the little bird learns the basics of flying and autonomous nutrition, preparing for when…

Saving the little hummingbird

Taking care of an animal in distress, this guy is really admirable ..

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