Parents decided to raise 7 kids without any rules: no school, and they all get to decide what they want to do -
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Parents decided to raise 7 kids without…
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Parents decided to raise 7 kids without any rules: no school, and they all get to decide what they want to do

By Cylia Queen

No family is exactly alike. Although it's true that most families have similar rules and live out their daily lives in similar ways, every family situation is different. What if we told you, however, that there is a family out there that doesn't believe in putting rules in place for their children? That means that school, schedules, and other activities considered essential for raising children do not apply to this family. The family we're referring to is the Rawnsley family. 

via: Mirror

Gemma and Lewis Rawnsley have 7 children together, and their ages range from 1 to 13 years old. Apart from their large size, they are also different from most families because they don't believe in enforcing rules for their children. That means, they don't go to school, they have no set schedules, and they can do basically what they want when they want. 

Described by some as "wild," Gemma and Lewis's children are completely autonomous. They prepare their own meals, they choose their own clothes, and they choose the activities they want to do during the day. Some might think that The Rawnsley family's approach to raising children is a bit unorthodox, but they don't care. They believe that their children should enjoy every minute of childhood, and what's enjoyable about childhood if you have to follow a bunch of rules?  

Gemma and Lewis's children don't just enjoy picking their own schedules, they also can get piercings and tattos and cut and dye their hair. It goes without saying that a day at the Rawnsley's house is like spending the day in choas. If you think about how all 7 children are free to do what they what, there's no telling what they might get themselves into. In Gemma's eyes, this is a healthier way for children to learn about responsability. Although they might get into some risky situations at times, they learn and grow from them.


Learn from experience is this Gemma and Lewis's motto. Unlike other families, the Rawnsley's really let their children push the limits and, as a result, are able to really see and live the consequences of their actions. If they need to read and write, they are the ones who teach them, and not a school system. The only rules that are really in place are: non lie, don't be offensive, and don't hurt each other. Otherwise, it's a free for all in the Rawnsley's household. 

Although it might seem crazy to some, Gemma and Lewis really believe that they are raising their children the right way. It's definitely an unorthodox approach, but it has its advantages in a hands-on learning sort of way. They are in charge of their own destiny; they learn what they want to learn and they do what they want to do. 

For now, Gemma and Lewis's children are pretty well behaved considering it's a "no-rule" household. They even receive compliments from the paper that live in their naighborhood about how well behaved their children are. As for when the older ones enter their teen years, we'll see if they are still behaving as well as they were when they were kids! What do you guys think? 


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