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11 photos that could brighten anyone's…
A 9-year-old helps raise $20,000 for a man with one arm, who sells flowers for a living Her boyfriend leaves her because of her appearance, she loses 80 kg and totally changes her life

11 photos that could brighten anyone's day

July 31, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Everyday life, unfortunately, has a way of of bringing us down sometimes. Often it's a result of the people we let enter our lives. Although many are out for our best interest, a bad apple or two can somehow find their way into our lives and lead us down a road of sadness and negativity. 

Luckily, our lives are not just made up of the bad moments. There are plenty of good moments to go around, and we'd like to think that these moments always outweigh the bad. There's also some beauty in not knowing when these good moments arrive; you never know when something's going to brighten your day or bring a smile on your face. If you are struggling this morning to smile about something, we've put together the perfect photo gallery for you. We almost guarantee you'll be smiling after you see the second photo.  

I'm becoming my own superhero... I'm finally overcoming my battle with anorexia!

Someone left this note on my car this morning, warning me that there was a baby deer sleeping under one of the tires of my truck!

image: Pxlkit/reddit

My wife and I are celebrating our weight-loss journey together: if we can do it, so can you!

They might be little moments, but they are definitely happy ones!

The first time I've been able to stand up by myself after my back surgery!

image: reddit

Someone covered up racist comments with a cute cat sticker!

The first time my sister read a restaurant menu by herself... she's 18


My wife and I went out to dinner and left our oldest daughter in charge of her baby sister. Here's what we came home to:

My father shouting for joy after it started raining; he owns a farm and there's been a drought for several months


This is the happiest donkey in the world. Every morning he gets greeted and hugged on by dozens of volunteers who come to take care of him and his donkey friends

image: b12ftw/reddit

My wife has been taking photos of her head every month since her last chemotherapy treatment... she did it!

image: reddit

What do you guys think? Feeling a little more positive now than what you did before you read this article? We hope so! 


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