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16 photos of people who turned from…
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16 photos of people who turned from "ugly ducklings" into splendid swans

August 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you enter that adolescent phase between the ages of 12 and 15, you almost always feel extremely out of place and tend to feel ... ugly. That's right, you feel ugly and inadequate, and you would do anything to improve your appearance. It must be said that the passage of time and some help with regards to the appearance in general can help change the situation. There are boys and girls who manage to transform completely after only 3 years, or after longer periods. With the help of a good dentist, a good hairdresser and some idea of how to use make-up, you can almost always improve your physical appearance to please yourself. There are many who, unfortunately, were bullied at school precisely because of their appearance and now, instead, they have managed to soar thanks to their own strength. We should always remember: you have to be kind.

1. Never give up!

2. "I've learned a lot since I was 9 ..."

image: Reddit

3. "I swear it's me, always the same person: at 17 and 23 years!"

image: Reddit

4. "A car hit me in school and I lost some teeth. Look now I can finally smile"

5. "I was often bullied. I have had to struggle with anorexia and other psychological problems, but now I feel I have improved a lot. Here I was 13, and pictured on the right at 20"

image: Reddit /

6. "I found an old photo from when I went to school ... 14 vs 29 years!"

7. "14 vs 24 years: I have to say I'd wear that Hawaiian shirt again!"


8. Three years later ... a different person!

9. There is always a big difference between 15 and 21 years


10. Life begins at 40!

image: Reddit

11. Contact lenses, braces, thicker eyebrows ... all things that make a difference: 11 years vs 20!

12. "I wore braces, treated my acne and learned how to wear make-up. When I was young they made fun of me and I felt very lonely for this reason. I think that all of this influenced my development and determined the person that I am now. Remember to be kind "

13. Twenty years later she is a completely different person! 11 years vs 31 years

14. "From 14 to 19 ... I would say the difference is remarkable"

15. 7 years can really make a difference

16. BONUS: "I looked like Peter Griffin at 13!"


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