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12 pets that have gone out of their…
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12 pets that have gone out of their way to imitate other species with rather hilarious results

By Alison Forde

Those who have a pet have seen it; often and willingly our furry friends are so unpredictable and very amusing, and the beauty is that they do not do it on purpose. They are like this, they are spontaneous living beings, who manage to give their human masters a smile and a great deal of affection. Even when they think they are other animals and they really try their best to blend in with each other, just like the sweet and funny animals that make up this list!

Are we looking at a dog or an otter?

Difficult task, but it seems that this kitten is trying hard to become a biped!


My hamster dreams of becoming a crocodile!

These two cats seem to be fighting (or dancing?) like two human beings ...

image: graqua/Reddit

Yes, he is also a passenger just like the others!


Here we are at a very high level: a cat who believes he is camouflaged as a stair!

A duckling who thinks of himself as a kitten, or kitten who thinks of himself as a duck?


I don't know if they are starfish who have come out from the sea or simply clumsy dogs!

A duckling who thinks he is a kitten ... and wants to purr!


Don't hug me, you're not as tall as a human being!

Safety first in the car! Even for the hedgehogs on board!

Maximum comfort for this dog who believes himself to be like his little owner!

 But how adorable are our animal friends when they think they belong to a different species than their own?

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