Wife divorces husband and marries stepson…
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Wife divorces husband and marries stepson who is 15 years younger than her: now they're expecting

July 16, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

The world is a wonderful place to live in, especially when you think of all the free entertainment it can offer us. Everyday, we are bombarded by stories and situations that are sometimes even too hard to believe. It's true that everyone has their issues, but the story we're about to share with you sounds more like it belongs in a soap opera than in real life.

We'll start off by introducing our protagonists: Marina Balmasheva, a 35-year-old Russian influencer, her 45-year-old ex-husband Alexey, and her 20-year-old stepson, Vladimir, who is also her new husband and the father of her unborn child.     

via: Daily Mail

Marina lived with her ex-husband and stepson Vladimir for over 10 years. When they say that love is blind, this was truly the case for Marina and Alexey. Once the honeymoon phase ended, they both slowly realized how imcompatible they were for each other and decided it was finally time to get a divorce. 

Getting a divorce meant that they'd be out of each other's lives forever, right? Although that's perhaps what Alexey would've hoped for, that's not what happened. Instead, Marina ended up falling in love with another man in Alexey's family: his son! That's correct, after raising him for over 10 years as her son, she became everything but a maternal figure in Vladamir's life. 

Marina would later annouce that she and Vladimir were getting married on her Instagram account, which was followed by over 430 thousand users at the time. Marina had gained most of those followers after she had posted pictures about her weightloss journey/transformation. Now, she was posting pictures of her and Vladimir together on their big wedding day.  


"People were in good spirits, but it was a little embarassing," the influencer had commented. Which doesn't surprise us... it probably wasn't easy for Alexey to attend a wedding where his ex-wife was marrying his biological son. "I don't think he likes the idea of the two of us being together," Marina added. And we don't blame him! 

Marina also recently announced that she and Vladimir are now expecting. Needless to say, Marina and Vladimir are not a conventional family in the slightest (and Marina has received plenty of negativity from her followers on Instagram), but we wish them the best of luck the same! 


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