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A girl buys an old bus and turns it…
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A girl buys an old bus and turns it into an elegant house complete with everything

By Alison Forde

The moment comes for everyone, sooner or later, when we decide to make a change to some aspect of our life. Whether it's small things or important decisions, a breath of novelty and freshness is always a cure-all for our psychophysical well-being.

Moving house is undoubtedly one of the biggest changes. It is not easy to find the perfect house, and it is often said that to do so it would be necessary, rather than looking for one already made, to build one from scratch. Even this, however, is not always an easy thing for everyone, and this is why many people decide to invent something for themselves bringing life to truly original results, which really make you feel like you are dreaming with your eyes open. Jessie, the girl we're about to tell you about, has decided to live ... in a bus!

When Jessie Lipskin saw the old American bus from the 1960s, she already had a specific plan in her mind. Purchased for a very low amount, the bus was quite run down. It wasn't going to be like that for long, however, because in the next 3 years the girl transformed like night into day.

Jessie's investment didn't come cheap, but it was still less than the cost of buying a norma home, even with all the extras included. However, the girl has created something truly unique.


The bus was not in good condition, neither inside nor outside, but a good dose of ingenuity and creativity helped Jessie transform it into her original home on wheels, comfortable and complete with everything required.

Painted white and emptied inside, the bus slowly began to change its appearance. The girl covered most of the interior with wood, making everything rustic and at the same time welcoming.

Every single detail and piece of furniture on this bus, renamed Greyhound, has been made to measure, to fit perfectly with its environment and occupy the space necessary so that all the home comforts can fit inside.


A kitchen (small but with everything you need), a corner with a spacious bed, a bathroom with shower and even a wardrobe large enough to accommodate Jessie's clothes: in the Greyhound there is everything to live alternatively but comfortably.

You just have to look at the photos of this bus to realize that its young owner has performed a kind of "miracle": from the ramshackle, old and run-down vehicle that was, the bus is now a splendid little house.

It is certainly an original, cheap and unique alternative to a "classic" house. What do you think? Would you live in this house on wheels?


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