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"I'm the dad, not the mom!": The wise…
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"I'm the dad, not the mom!": The wise answer of a child to those who accused him of playing with a doll

By Alison Forde

How true it is when you hear that the voice of children is that of truth. Yes, because when you are younger you are not only more naive and shrewd, but you are much more connected with the true essence of common living, the values of solidarity, friendship, tolerance and equality that we adults chase after during our lifetime. 6-year-old Giovanni probably knows these values very well. His story was briefly told by the Facebook and Instagram page "Driving without a license".

Giovanni ha 6 anni e sta giocando con il suo Cicciobello. Passa un signore anziano lo guarda e gli dice: "Ma giochi con...

Pubblicato da Guida senza patente su Martedì 7 luglio 2020

This little blog widely followed in Italy, is managed by a father who is very committed to the theories of the "gender gap" on alleged gender inequality; the story of little Giovanni is told in a Facebook post with these words:

"Giovanni is 6 years old and is playing with his "Cicciobello". An elderly gentleman looks at him and says: 'But do you play with dolls? You are a boy you should play with toy soldiers'.

I already imagine one of the men of the older generation who grew up with the idea that being emotional, washing the dishes, taking care of the house but above all taking care of their children, changing their diapers makes a man less virile and less of a man.

Giovanni looks him in the eye and doesn't get upset and gives him the answer: 'I'm the dad, not the mom!'. The doll is his son and his name is Mario ".

"Giovanni does not know that with a simple answer he is making the world a more beautiful place. His wisdom has much to teach to those who probably think they are wiser. In this moment he is not wrong and he does what is asked of him. Go on Giovanni you will be a great dad and a great man. And surely you have great parents ".

The story published on social media by Daniele Marzano, the founder of the blog Guida senza patente (Driving without a licence), reached thousands of readers in a few hours, igniting the debate and completely reversing the role of the "boy" and his duties and activities as they are conceived in society we live in.

And luckily, there is little Giovanni to tell things as they are!


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