Nails decorated with little hands and feet: the bizarre, new and somewhat disturbing trend -
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Nails decorated with little hands and…
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Nails decorated with little hands and feet: the bizarre, new and somewhat disturbing trend

July 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Fashion has no rules and boundaries, or if it has them, it loves to break and overcome them. The only thing that never changes is the desire to amaze, upset and sometimes scandalize. What drives people to follow fashion is a strange and contradictory instinct.

It's the drive fit in and stand out at the same time, but in the end the goal is always the same, namely to be noticed. Here from we don't know where and we don't know from whom, the latest "outcry" comes, we could say, in the form of nail art.

Never underestimate the expressive importance of the hands. Without necessarily referring to sign language, it is known that a large part of "non-verbal" communication takes place with the hands. With a gesture you can underline a sentence or express an entire concept. With your hands you can draw attention or even fascinate. Women have always been aware of the power of these "useful appendages".

It is no coincidence that since ancient times they have used jewelry or gloves to highlight them or, if necessary, to hide them. On the hands nature gave us nails, a legacy of the ancient animal defense tools such as fangs and claws. Today these elements are still weapons, but of seduction. They are treated as real accessories. Painted in all kinds of colors, with glitter, etc. As mentioned, however, fashion never stops and does not stop here.


Thus was born the tendency to apply little hands and feet as original outfit accessories. It may seem really strange at the beginning, but as with any news, we just get used to it. The question is not whether the idea will take root, but rather how long it will last ...

Regardless of taste, these little creations are sure to be noticed. You may like it or not, but they certainly can amaze. In fact, you cannot help but be wide eyed when you realize that the mini-feet and mini-hands also have nail enamels and accessories.

Who should be psychoanalyzed more? Those who invented this gimmick or those who decide to wear it and share it? Posterity will let us know.

Below are two links to videos showing these art forms applied to nails: 

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