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A girl cruelly destroys her aunt's wedding…
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A girl cruelly destroys her aunt's wedding dress: her father forces her to compensate her for $ 15,000

July 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When it comes to "exemplary punishment", each parent has their own ideas. All children do wrong and all fathers and mothers, at the same time, look for more or less effective - and striking - ways to make them understand the importance of respecting the rules and good behavior. There are those who manage to be authoritative but "soft" at the same time, and those who find a way of setting an unforgettable example as punishment.

The teenager we are going to talk to you about, "victim" of a really strong lesson from her father, knows something. It is said that "whoever breaks pays" is true, and this father has applied the rule to perfection ...

via: reddit

It all started when the 16-year-old girl, daughter of the man in question, just 30 years old, was intrigued by her aunt's wedding dress, a true family heirloom which had an important and moving story behind it and she could not help trying it on.

The dress had belonged to the 16-year-old's grandmother, mother of her father and her aunt, the future bride. The old woman, a skilled seamstress of many years, had made it with precious and very expensive fabrics, managing to adapt it perfectly to the body of her daughter who, shortly after, would wear it for the big day. A dream dress, therefore, made even more precious by the fact that the grandmother seamstress died immediately after having worked on it, leaving the family in great pain. But let's go back to our story.

One afternoon, at the aunt's house, the teenager insistently asked to try on the dress. She was told no, but when her father and aunt went out to shop, the girl decided to violate the ban and put on the precious dress. The try-on, however,  literally ended up proving to be a disaster. The reason? In trying it on, the teenager destroyed the dress, tearing it and damaging it irretrievably.


The situation quickly became tense and complicated, with the aunt understandably furious about the damage she had suffered and the father who, at that point, decided to punish his daughter in an exemplary way. $12,000: this was the value of the destroyed dress, communicated to his daughter just after the wrongdoing. So dad didn't hesitate to ask his daughter to spend her $15,000 of savings - accumulated for college and for the future - to compensate her aunt for the dress and the "moral damage".

The man was serious and, with this punishment, he would certainly have changed his daughter's future. At that point, the 16-year-old's mother, the man's ex-wife, also intervened, criticizing him harshly for what he was doing. The whole story was told by the parent on Reddit, where it was publicly asked who, according to readers, was right. There were many people who agreed with the father, claiming that the daughter should have paid up to the last cent for her damage.

image: Pikist

A few days later, the story continued to be at the center of discussions and controversies, when the girl revealed something shocking to her father. According to what she said, she tried to put on the dress and, once the seams had been ripped, she  deliberately continued to ruin it, reducing it to shreds, out of jealousy towards her aunt, who had received a precious gift from her grandmother, which she did not think she deserved. In short: a truly incredible story, with this last detail that convinced the father even more - and web readers - that he made the right choice by punishing her in that way. What do you think? How would you have behaved in place of this parent?


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