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A mother gives birth to a 13 pound baby:…
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A mother gives birth to a 13 pound baby: her stomach was "as big as a beach ball"

July 05, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Chrissy Corbitt is a wife and mother of four beautiful children from Keystone Heights, Florida. She has the appearance of an ordinary person, but has actually broken records after giving birth to her fourth child, who weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs 5 oz. The birth took place in 2017, and it's still difficult for Chrissy to believe just how different her fourth pregnancy was from her first three. 

via: ABC News

Her fourth pregnancy started out just like her first three. As she breezed through the first trimester, she and her husband began to notice, however, that her belly was growing fast, and at an alarming rate. To top everything off, Chrissy was even diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

When asked about the pregnancy, Chrissy's husband, Larry mentioned, "it was if she had an enormous beach ball for a belly and it just kept growing and growing." To try to make light of the matter, both Chrissy and Larry joked about how they had a 10 pound baby on their hands. Little did they know that she was going to weigh even more than that! 


When it was clear that a natural birth was out of the question, Chrissy opted for a c-section a week before her duedate. After giving birth, Chrissy distinctly remembers the nurses and operating staff applauding her after having carried such a large baby for 9 months. Her newborn, Carleigh, wasn't only the biggest baby that her pediatrician, Dr. Edelenbos, had delivered, but Carliegh's birthweight even broke records. 

13lbs 5oz isn't small in the slightest, especially for a newborn baby. Needless to say, Chrissy and Larry should have waited on buying clothes and diapers; when they got home from the hospital, they found out quickly that nothing fit her! They'll be prepared for next time, though. If there is one! 


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