This photographer has managed to capture all the sweetness of babies who sleep with puppies -
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This photographer has managed to capture…
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This photographer has managed to capture all the sweetness of babies who sleep with puppies

July 08, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Growing up together with a puppy is always an incredibly educational experience for any child: you learn to live together, to have responsibilities and to love animals. Babies and puppies, then, are a pairing of endless sweetness that would really melt anyone's heart. The Indian-born photographer Sujata Setia knows this very well, and with her talent she has immortalized countless scenes of this type.

In this photographic list we wanted to collect together some of her most beautiful shots, in which there are portraits of children of a few months who sleep happily in the company of a puppy.

Sujata Setia is a very talented photographer, who has been awarded several times for her incredibly powerful and evocative shots.


Her favorite subjects are children, mothers during and after pregnancy, and nature - an element that often acts as a backdrop to her photos.

For her, it all started back in 2013, when she became the mother of a beautiful little girl named Aayat: the young mother wanted to remember those first exciting days forever, in which she looked at the face of her little girl for the first times. Thus began her successful career, which has allowed her to appear with her photos in some rather important newspapers.

Aren't they sweet? If you want to immerse yourself in the natural and fairytale world of Sujata Setia, visit her Instagram page and her official website.


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