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While taking photos of their newborn…
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While taking photos of their newborn baby near a forest ... a deer approaches them and something magical happens!


The photographer Megan Rion is well-known in her field for her photo shoots of children and families.

With her beautiful artistic shots, she wants to represent the purity of childhood, its delicacy, and its carefree disposition, as well as the love that unites couples. And then suddenly, something extraordinary happens during one of her shoots.

As she is preparing an autumn scene in which she will photograph a newborn baby, someone appears that she would never have expected to meet in this way ...

Wow, to have this little lady walk up during your newborn session <3 Once in a lifetime photo, beautiful!!! (Imagine...

Pubblicato da Live Love Hunt su Giovedì 22 ottobre 2015

During the photo shoot of little Connor Rogers, only one month old, a deer suddenly emerges from the surrounding woods. Slowly, the animal approaches the little baby, probably intrigued by the smell of the hay and pumpkins, used to prepare the scene for the photo shoot.

The meeting between the two was immediately immortalized by the photographer Megan Rion. The photo seems to represent an enchanted world, populated by fairy creatures, and where the approach of a woodland animal is seen as a special blessing and is therefore very auspicious!

Here is the short video that was filmed during this magical meeting.


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