Little girl upsets a monkey and the…
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Little girl upsets a monkey and the animal reacts violently: he grabs her hair and pulls hard until she breaks free

August 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Some animals are man's best friend, we all know this very well. Many of us are used to contact with dogs, cats, birds and other creatures who, for centuries, have been"domesticated" and pet keeping is widespread. There are many animals, however, that it is possible to view in specially constructed enclosures: zoos and parks, for example, are where many different species of animal are kept and protected, and where the public can come to to admire the creatures beauty and nature. So, even those who cannot get on a plane and visit distant lands, get the opportunity to view lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, polar bears, lemurs and many others up close in these enclosures.

One should always be careful, however, not to disturb these animals and to leave them alone - even if observing them in a cage. What could happen if we do not obey the rules in force at an enclosure, like a zoo? Well, one might find oneself in the situation of the little girl who is the subject of this story. Let's find out what happened to her, and why.

This story took place in Mexico where a little girl, visiting the zoo with her family, approached the monkey cage to look at them closely. She was carrying a phone, probably to photograph animals or to film a video. To attract the monkeys and to get them to come closer (or to get them to "do something interesting"), she started beating on the monkey's cage. After a few moments, perhaps annoyed by the child bashing on th cage, a monkey reacted violently and grabbed her hair. Holding her hair in a tight grip, the little girl - as seen in the video posted to social media - at first cannot free herself, but then with the help of an adult, she finally breaks loose.

It was a moment of anxiety and tension that, fortunately, did not last long. It was too bad then, that when the little girl tried to get away from the cage, she was grabbed for a second time, again by the hair in a very strong grip.

Certainly, this was frightening situation for the young child to be in, but the video clip reminds us and teaches us an important lesson: animals, even if kept in facilities with public access, should not be disturbed in any way.


We can admire captive, caged animals, but they should not be teased or tormented. They should not be bothered and above all, we must not knock on the glass and bash the wire netting of animal cages to prevent unfortunate, traumatic incidents, like this, from happening. Indeed, warnings of this nature are abundantly and prominently posted throughout most animal enclosures like this that are open to the public

Has such a thing ever happened to you?


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