This child goes to school every morning…
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This child goes to school every morning using a very special means of transport: his llama

June 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

As we all well know, the world is full of variety, as are the situations and conditions in which people live. Many are lucky enough to be born in highly developed societies, where every service is close to hand and everything can be done easily. But there are also those who, living in more underdeveloped (rural) areas, do not have the same luxuries. And this is the reason why, in these cases, one has to use one's imagination and find alternative, creative solutions to solve everyday problems.

For example: not all children have the opportunity to get to school by bus or car. So, in a situation like this, what would you do? The young subject of this story has found a really inventive and unique solution, which has stunned the entire web. Let's get to know him together and find out what he invented:

Our young subject is Jhoel, an Ecuadorian boy who partners with Benjamin to go to school. If you are thinking that Benjamin is the name of a classmate, or a friend, or a relative, you are decidely wrong. Benjamin is the name of his four-legged friend: a llama.

Yes, you read that right and it is true. The child, in order not to be late getting to school, mounts his trusty "steed" and starts trotting towards his classroom. It must be said that Jhoel is also very good at riding his llama. The speeds he reaches on his llama are impressive and we are left wondering if he will stay on the creature's back. But he does manage to stay atop the animial and does so very proficiently, as evidenced by the images of the many videos that show him riding his llama to school.

Going viral on the web thanks to the video of a user who met him by chance, the boy is an example of tenacity, dedication and willpower. For him, in fact, it was never easy to get to school, but he didn't give up trying.

Resident in the province of Cotopaxi, Jhoel does not have a more conventional means of transport available to move around and cannot even use a bicycle due to the road surface which is too bumpy. So, what could he do then? Give up? Absolutely no. In the saddle on Benjamin's back, the child travels several kilometers every day at a fast enough speed to reach school in time and take his daily lessons.

Although young, Jhoel has understood how important getting an education is and has no intention of giving up. Fortunately, his four-legged friend is sturdy and fast enough to allow him to undertake this daily "marathon".


The images in which he is seen riding the lama are really captivating and entertaining and have made the rounds on various social media networks, gaining a very high number of views and comments. Many followers call him a little warrior and are delighted by his inventiveness.

In fact, we too cannot help but congratulate him on the strength he has shown and wish him a successful future.


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