Dad smacks his daughter hard and she tells all at school: he is charged and arrested for intentional injury -
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Dad smacks his daughter hard and she…
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Dad smacks his daughter hard and she tells all at school: he is charged and arrested for intentional injury

July 01, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The work of a parent is very hard, knowing how to teach the rules of life to a child often requires difficult choices and sacrifices, and can at times seem severe; but no child should ever be physically punished for non-compliance or incorrect actions or attitudes: In the end, if we do this we will always be in the wrong. As has happened to the Los Angeles Democratic Assembly member Joaquin Arambula.

via: ABC 30

The politician, with three children aged 3, 6 and 7 respectively, severely spanked his oldest daughter because one night, while the parents were trying to sleep and rest, the girl was playing and making a lot of noise; for this reason, Joaquin wanted to give an exemplary lesson to his daughter by spanking her in a rather harsh way. Unfortunately, the girl did not take the violent act at all well and the next day she told the teachers at school everything.

After this revelation, the local police first questioned the Arambula family, then indicted the politician on charges of intentional injury to a child, followed by formal arrest. Shortly thereafter, all three children were placed in the custody of their grandparents, Joaquin Arambula's parents.

The father, for his part, justified himself by explaining to ABC 30: "We have nights when we are overwhelmed and we feel we have a job we have to do with our children. That night, it was a night when my daughter was not behaving well. It's what parents need to be able to do, have some basic rules to be good parents. "


However, Arambula also wanted to emphasize that he has always been a caring father: "Everyone who knows us in the community and has seen us in the community knows that I am a loving father. I deeply care about my daughters and I am just going through a very unusual process and I'm trying the best I can to be a husband and father trying to put all the pieces together. "

Shortly after arrest, Joaquin Arambula was released and was not formally charged. This is a story that makes us reflect a lot on the thin line that runs between the work of parenting children and physical violence against a child. There is still something to be discussed, without a doubt!


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