Man wrestles a 12-foot alligator in an attempt to save his dog's life -
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Man wrestles a 12-foot alligator in…
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Man wrestles a 12-foot alligator in an attempt to save his dog's life

By Cylia Queen

Ever since Loki, a rescue dog, came into the Tweddale family's life, no one could imagine their life without him. Loki, who is now 6 years old, has a particular bond with Trent and his son Connor, and the three of them are almost inseparable. 

The family lives on a farm in Florida and, given they are surrounded by swamps and heavily forested areas, it's not unusual to run into wild animals, including alligators. Most of the time, these encounters aren't dangerous. This doesn't mean, however, that no one's life has ever been at risk. Loki, for example, was recently attacked by an alligator. Things may have ended badly for Loki if it had not been for Trent intervening. 

via: Daily Mail

It all happened when Trent and Loki were taking a walk down the riverbank. Given his love for water, Loki started jumping around the shallow end of the river when, all of a sudden, an alligator popped up and grabbed Loki's foot. As the 12-foot alligator tried to drag Loki into the water, Trent knew he had to do something, and do it fast, if he was going to save his dog. 

First, Trent tried to grab Loki's collar to pull him out. When that didn't work, he entered knee-deep into the water and started to punch the alligator's head. Once Trent hit him several times, the alligator finally loosened his grip on Loki's foot and retreated back into the deep end of the river. It's amazing to think that both Trent and Loki, made it out alive. The alligator, being twice as long and powerful, could have easily killed them both. This was not the case, thankfully. 


Although Loki was badly injured, he made it out alive! When Trent's wife, Kristina, shared the pair's terrifying story on facebook, she said it was a scary moment when she saw Trent and Loki come home from their walk: Loki was clearly in shock and was badly bleeding. At first, they were afraid Loki might not make it, considering how serious some of his injuries were. Thankfully, this wasn't the case. Although his recovery has been a long one, Loki's zest for life came back quickly. With his positive attitude, we have no doubt that Loki will be running around and playing in no time! 

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