This guy left two jobs to look after his 105-year-old grandmother full-time -
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This guy left two jobs to look after…
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This guy left two jobs to look after his 105-year-old grandmother full-time

June 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

At just 29 years of age, this guy dropped out of two jobs and went to live with his 105-year-old grandmother; this incredible story of love and generosity happens in Sítio Desterro, which is located in Serra Talhada, in the hinterland of Pernambuco, in Brazil. The young Anderson Lima is the grandson of Francisca Ramalho, a woman who at 105 years of age, lives on a minimal pension that allows her to keep the house and buy medicine at best.

But Anderson, her 29 year old grandson, thought about helping Francisca. He decided to abandon everything to go and live together with her and take care of his sweet granny. During his youth, Francisca had raised the boy as if he were her son, after his father left the family and the mother died.

Francisca, in addition to Anderson, had also taken care of his siblings. In short, to repay her for all that the woman has done for him, the young man has now moved to her house, so as never to leave her on her own.

Now, Anderson has become his grandmother's full-time caregiver: he bathes her, prepares food and cleans her entire house, and does the best he can with the pension that a 105-year-old woman receives. According to Anderson, his grandmother's pension is just enough to pay the house bills, to buy essential food and to pay for medicine in the pharmacy.


Now, the story of Anderson and grandmother Francisca has become public, now that the 29-year-old has opened an Instagram channel where he tells of life with his beloved 105-year-old grandmother with photos, videos and posts.

Congratulations on your choice of life, you are a very good grandson Anderson!

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