A Youtuber left a dog stranded on a sidewalk to see who would stop and help them: the only person who stopped was a homeless man - WTVideo.com
A Youtuber left a dog stranded on a…
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A Youtuber left a dog stranded on a sidewalk to see who would stop and help them: the only person who stopped was a homeless man

June 22, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Oftentimes, those who have less are more likely to "give more". It doesn't seem like it would be that way, considering those with more money obviously have the ability and privilege to help those in need. In this story, however, it turns out, that true kindness and acts of altruism come from those who don't have a lot of money. In fact, they may not have any money at all.  

via: Matt TV

Matt Bandeira, a young American youtuber, decided to put this age-old belief to the test. In a video he posted on his youtube channel, he left a dog on the side of the street, pretending that he had abandoned it. Beside the dog, he placed a sign that read, "Message from Owner: I can't take care of my dog. Someone take responsability."

As the day went by, it seemed as if no one had any intention of stopping to help the poor dog. One girl stopped to at least to pet him, but showed no sign of really wanting to help. Apparently, the dog was destined to a life of living on the streets. 

That is, at least until a homeless man showed up. As the homeless man walks by, he suddenly stops, reads the sign, and then begins petting the poor abandoned dog. At first, it looks as if the man is about to walk off. He makes his way down to the street, disappearing for a few seconds, but then returns to our canine friend with gifts: a stuffed animal he found in a garbage bin and some food. 

In the video, you can hear the man talk to the dog. At one point, he says, "What's your name? Are you hungry? You must be starving. I found some food. This is what I give to my dog." 


Matt's experiment demostrates an important lesson: those with less, give more. Hundreds of people walked by Matt's dog and did nothing; people who were more than capable of helping him. The only person who ended up helping him was someone who had nothing himself. And he still found something to give the dog! 

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