The 105-year-old great-grandfather who embraces his newborn grandchild in a splendid affectionate scene -
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The 105-year-old great-grandfather who…
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The 105-year-old great-grandfather who embraces his newborn grandchild in a splendid affectionate scene

June 19, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are images that have the power to tell us a thousand things without requiring too many words or too many explanations. We are talking about all those photos that, in themselves, contain enormous power, and the ability to make us reflect on important aspects of life and the people around us.

Think, for example, of the passage of time and the succession of generations. It is absolutely incredible - and rather unsettling - to think about how we find ourselves grown overnight, protagonists of a new cycle, with new people, new needs and new perspectives, up to old age. This is probably also what the father of little Easton, a 5-day-old baby, thought when he gave him to his great-grandfather, a venerable 105-year-old gentleman.

The image describes a situation that, unfortunately, not all great-grandchildren or great-grandparents are lucky enough to be able to live. James Herald Spring, nicknamed "Pop" by his family, however, had the splendid opportunity to hold in his arms his great-grandson Easton, a little baby who had just come into the world.

The contrast between a centenarian like "Pop" and a newborn like Easton is simply amazing, tender and moving at the same time. Great-grandfather and great-grandson embrace each other physically and emotionally in a video that, in a short time, has gone around the web, moving many viewers. The new life represented by Easton seems to give Elder James joy, strength and vitality, despite more than a century of difference between them.


And the relationship that was born between grandfather and great-grandson is truly something special: despite the age and the "ailments" due to old age, James is a splendid great-grandfather. As soon as he can he interacts with his grandson, he smiles and tries to make him feel affection and closeness. Past and present in comparison, therefore, in a union under the sign of love, capable of giving joy, hope and trust in a simple glance. We hope that little Easton, for James, can be a real medicine against sadness and loneliness!

Below is the video showing the tender great-grandfather holding his great-grandson in his arms:


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