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Find the two figures in this optical…
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Find the two figures in this optical illusion

By Cylia Queen

Optical illusions have left people scratching their heads for centuries. They're part of a variety of games (e.g. riddles, crosswords, and puzzles) that encourage people to use their analytical and cognitive reasoning skills in order to solve them. Adults and children alike are fascinated by these types of games because it poses a fun challenge and promotes healthy competition among their peers. Who's able to find the missing detail first? Who can accurately identify what's hidden in the image? 

Optical illusions are notorious for their ability to trick the eye into seeing what it "wants you to see." At first glance, what do you see in the image below? 

via: Wikipedia

This optical illusion dates back to at least 1888. At first, no one understood that there was a second image hidden in the picture...

The oldest print of the optical illusion is from 1888, but the most famous version is from 1915.

Illustrator William Ely Hill, a comic strip writer from Great Britain, is the creator of the above optical illusion. He first published the image in Puck, a popular funnies magazine. William entitled the piece "My wife and my mother-in law" and, when it was finally published in 1915 in an American magazine, he wrote, "There are two of them, find them both!". 

Also simply noted as "The young and old woman", this is one of the most famous optical illusions in history and has been solved by millions of people across the world. 


Are you able to see both the young and old woman?

If you still are unable to see both, check out this video that will help you locate them!

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