An old deaf and blind dog protects a…
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An old deaf and blind dog protects a 3 year old girl lost in the woods helping rescuers find her

June 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The intelligence and attention that a dog can dedicate to us are things that will never cease to amaze us. There is certainly a serious and concrete reason that they are pften called man's best friends. These animals simply have the incredible ability to "tune in" to us, to understand if we are in negative situations and to act accordingly.

With children, sometimes, their protective instinct can become something wonderful: it almost seems that sometimes they manage to take the place of parents, proving to be both playmates and loyal protectors. The elderly deaf and partially blind  dog we are going to tell you about is the perfect proof. Max is an animal who has challenged his limits to save the life of a girl in danger.

via: ABC

We are in Australia, in Queensland. Here, in a vast wooded area around her home, Aurora, a 3-year-old girl, suddenly disappeared. The situation immediately seemed difficult for the search teams that intervened on the spot. The area where the child was lost is characterized by steep slopes, thick vegetation and many other natural pitfalls. In addition, the cold made itself felt, it rained and the hours of darkness approached.

Aurora, however, was not alone. Max was there with her, her faithful little dog. Apparently, the little girl got lost with him in tow and, throughout the night, the dog remained close to her, keeping her warm and safe while she slept. After a whole night of apprehension and searching by rescuers and family members, Aurora's grandmother found Max, who went to meet her and managed to lead her right to where the child was.

The girl was therefore saved, and luckily for her everything ended in the best way. If her dog had not been there, it is likely that she would not have made it, and this is truly incredible, if we consider that this animal has really done everything to help her, despite old age and his physical disabilities.

Max doesn't see well and doesn't hear, but he didn't hold back when he realized that his beloved little human was in danger, and that he had to find his family soon. A true four-legged hero, who even received an honorary police dog award from Queensland police!

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