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Two women laugh as they abandon their…
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Two women laugh as they abandon their dogs in front of an animal shelter

By Cylia Queen

Life has a way of putting us in difficult situations. Sometimes, we're the victims while other times we fall witness to terrible things happening to other people or, in this case, to animals. Anne Flores is from Houston, Texas, and has witnessed some pretty sad stories over the years. She thought she had seen it all, though, until she witnessed to women laughing about dropping their dogs off at a dog shelter.  

via: Daily Mail

Dogs are just as sentive as us humans. They are sometimes even better at perceiving things than we are, especially when certain details are adding up. It was clear to Anne that the two dogs in question knew exactly what their owners were trying to do. Anne was at the animal shelter with some friends that day because she was hoping to give a dog who'd been abandoned a new home. She never realized just how signifant giving a dog a new home was until she saw how terribly these women were treating their own dogs. 

Understanding that their owners were abandoning them, the dogs flopped to the ground and refused to move. The women eventually had to drag them into the shelter, since they had no luck getting them to stand up. The women even laughed at their dogs' behavior and, clearly, didn't phase them at all. 

Finding it strange and appalling that the women felt no remorse or guilt for what they were doing, Anne quickly shared their story on social media. It took no time for Anne to find out that the two dogs were brother and sister named Truman and Mandi. The women brought them to the shelter to be euthanized, claiming that they suffered from too many health conditions to keep them alive. 


The video was viewed by the Houston Harris County Animal Volunteers Association, who decided to take action to save Truman and Mandi from being euthanized. They also found out that the health conditions that the dogs suffered from were actually curable and, with the help of other animal protection assocations, they were able to find good homes for the two siblings. 

Although Truman and Mandi were scared at first, they quickly realized that the people at the shelter were merely trying to help them. They soon gained back their confidence and, after getting the treatment and care they needed, were adopted by families who love and shower them with affection. We're so happy you found your forever homes, Truman and Mandi!

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