Female couple adopt three orphaned siblings…
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Female couple adopt three orphaned siblings so they can all grow up together under one roof

June 01, 2020 • By Alison Forde

KC and Lena Currie have always wanted to adopt children to enlarge their family; since the two women got married in "distant" 2013 they have ardently desired to have a child, so in 2017 they began the process to adopt 18-month-old Joey; The couple, originally from Massachusetts in the USA, discovered the following year that Joey had a 6-month-old younger brother named Noah. KC and Lena didn't think twice about adopting another sibling.

After discovering the existence of Noah and that he was also looking for an adoptive family, the two women did not think about it for a second longer and decided to adopt Joey's little brother, Joey being their first adopted child. But even this wasn't enough ... 

Joey and Noah had a third brother, Logan. The boy lived in foster care because he had not been adopted. When KC and Lena learned of his existence, they once again had no hesitation: “It was really important for us to keep the three brothers together. They can help each other and grow together in this way," said the two women!


Veronica Listerud, the director of the adoption center, congratulated the family. “This is exactly what we want. It is a wonderful family, parents really understand the needs of children, the importance of maintaining fraternal relationships and the impact that this has in the long term. " 

As regards their adoption choices, KC and Lena have no regrets, in fact they said: "We are not superhuman, we are often late for many events and happenings. All this is rather messy, but at least it is a happy life."

And from the splendid photo album of the Currie family, it really seems like a very happy life!


Here is the complete Currie family: KC, Lena, Joey, Logan and Noah

A family without prejudices but above all a "non-traditional" family, happy to be happy!

Congratulations, KC and Lena!

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