Girl adopts a sick dog so he can spend his last days in peace: he seems to say "thank you" with his eyes -
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Girl adopts a sick dog so he can spend…
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Girl adopts a sick dog so he can spend his last days in peace: he seems to say "thank you" with his eyes

May 31, 2020 • By Alison Forde

No stray dog should end his days alone, without water or food. He should have a roof under which to live and a loving family to take care of him. Yet the reality is different, many of the stray dogs that live and walk on our streets spend most of their lives in solitude, homeless and looking for food. Unfortunately, these poor four-legged friends often die alone, without anyone to care for them.

via: Today

Sophiane Nacer is a 19 year old girl and is the founder of the Kindred Senior Dog Rescue of Cayleb, a shelter for stray animals born from the girl's passion and her big heart for all those creatures who are in serious difficulties. So when Sophiane met Hippo the dog, her heart melted completely ...

Unfortunately, Hippo was a very old stray dog who had a severe form of cancer that covered part of his face; a form of cancer that was too advanced to be operated on, so only a few days of life remained for this poor dog ...

Without effective surgery, the only alternative would have been to take Hippo to a veterinary surgeon and practice gentle euthanasia to stop him suffering; and that's what Sophiane did in the end, but not before adopting the suffering stray dog and allowing him to spend the last days of his life in peace, making him feel loved at least once in his life.

Five days after signing the necessary documents for adoption, Sophiane adopted Hippo and although the dog was suffering enormously due to his serious pathology, he was still able to feel affection and gratitude if he was given water and food or taken for a walk in the park with the other dogs ...


Wagging his tail with happiness perhaps for the first time in his life, Hippo spent his last day of life in the park with Sophiane, who finally gave him a glimpse of love and warm affection, such as he had never experienced before in his life. After the sweet walk in the park, it was time to say goodbye, when the kind girl finally took Hippo to the vet for the scheduled injection. 

The suffering was too much for Hippo and his tumor had not been operable for some time. it was the only acceptable solution to avoid seeing him die alone, in the street, where he had lived all his life. But thanks to Sophiane's big heart, Hippo has managed to experience what it means to finally be loved by a human being.

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