The 9-week-old baby who manages to stand alone: "she is the strongest child in the world" -
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The 9-week-old baby who manages to stand…
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The 9-week-old baby who manages to stand alone: "she is the strongest child in the world"

May 31, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Parents will know that a child usually starts talking and walking between 9 and 18 months. Especially as far as walking is concerned, there are children who begin to stand independently in the ninth month, but there are some who wait a year and a half to feel more enterprising. In any case, up to 18 months is absolutely normal. Emily Derrick, 23 and the mother of little Lula, and her husband Tezra Finn-Johnston, 31, were literally blown away when they found out that their 9-week-old daughter was able to stand on her own. A rather unusual record that has us amazed!

The young couple from Bristol could not believe their eyes when they witnessed the scene: their 9-week-old daughter managed to stand up on her own! At this rate, it will only take another 9 weeks to be able to stand on her own without parental assistance. A phenomenon that is incredible and that has already rewarded the little Lula with the name of "strongest child in the world". Maybe she took inspiration from the videos that dad watches every now and then in her company, in which strong men lift weights and do extreme sports.

It all happened by chance: Dad was trying to calm little Lula after a tantrum, trying to make her sit on the ground with him, but instead of flexing her legs and sitting down, Lula showed resistance; then, dad tried to support her, so that she wouldn't fall. Since that day, similar episodes have been repeated until she has managed to remain standing on her own.

Congratulations Lula!




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