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A family abandons their dog on the side…
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A family abandons their dog on the side of the road: for days, she waited in the same spot they left her

By Cylia Queen

Although in recent years, animal protection associations have been making strides in stopping animal cruelty across the globe, the abandonment of animals continues to be a serious issue everywhere. 

Abandonment issues are not just felt by humans, but by animals as well. When a dog gets abandoned by his family, it could take years before he trusts a human being again. Feelings of love and togetherness quickly turn into feelings of loneliness and of being unwanted. All of this could be avoided if humans would do the right thing and take the time to find their animals new homes. Some people are just too selfish and lazy to do so, which leads to animals like Camilla getting abandoned on the streets. 

There are many reasons why owners might decide to give up their pets; some of them can even be valid. However, there's no excuse for those who simply "abandon" them on the side of the road, leaving them to fend for themselves. In Camilla's case, her owner's were moving to a new house and, apparently, there was no room for Camilla to live with them. That's why, when they moved out, they left Camilla with the rest of the items they no longer planned to take with them to their new house. Those items were heaped up in a trash pile on the side of the street, right in front of the house they just moved out of. 

The only thing that the owners left behind that was useful to Camilla was an old blanket. With no food or water, Camilla laid on the blanket for days in the hopes that her owners would come back for her. The move took place around New Year's, meanign that Camilla not only had to brave the cold but deal with loud noises like fireworks and parties (which are all discomforting sounds to a dog).  

Frightened and alone, Camilla continued to wait for her humans to come back to get her. That didn't end up happening, though. Luckily, people in the community began noticing Camilla and it didn't take long for Marina Tarashevska, an employee of Dallas DogRRR, to hear wind of Camilla's story. 

At first, when Marina and Patti Dawson, a colleague from the dog shelter, went to pick up Camilla, she wasn't very receptive to them. She was convinced that her owners were coming back for her and, in the meantime, she was going to wait for them, no matter how long it took. Finally, after some coercing, Camilla decided to go back to the shelter with Marina and Patti. In the end, a warm place to sleep didn't sound so bad after days of sleeping out in the cold. 


When examined by the shelter's veterinarian, it was discovered that Camilla had wounds around her neck. The wounds were most likely caused by another dog, but they could have also been signs of abuse. Despite Camilla's terrible experience with her previous owners, her faith in humankind has surprisingly remained intact. Now, she's ready for a new family that will love and shower her with affection and who, obviously, won't abandon her. We hope that she will find her forever family soon. Best of luck, Camilla! You deserve it!

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