The groom surprised his wife during the ceremony by bringing her young disabled patients to the church -
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The groom surprised his wife during…
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The groom surprised his wife during the ceremony by bringing her young disabled patients to the church

By Alison Forde

For many people, the wedding remains a memorable day for a long time, a moment made of joy, smiles and feelings, spent with the people they love most.

This was also the case for Cintia Bonfante Pereira, a speech therapist from Caxias do Sul, in Brazil, who made her job a real mission. Often helping children with disabilities and delays in language, it is not difficult to understand how much satisfaction and how many emotions a job so important can give in return. Knowing all this, her husband, José, had decided to give his wife a very special surprise.

The scene took place just when the two spouses were standing at the altar in front of the priest, ready to pronounce the fateful "yes". Suddenly, behind them, the church doors opened wide as a group of Cintia's young patients entered.

That's right: elegant clothes, complete with wedding rings and a bouquet of flowers in hand, the little ones, who have Down Syndrome, paraded happily to the altar, to embrace their teacher and her groom. Two of them even came to church aboard a small electric toy car!


A really tender scene, faced with which Cintia's emotional reaction was obvious, being very fond of her little patients. José, smiling, enjoyed - together with the rest of those present at the ceremony - the uncontainable expression of amazement on his wife's face. For sure, this man succeeded in his intent, so much so that Cintia said that the surprise by the disabled children was one of the best parts of her wedding day.

Given the love for her job, having the opportunity to share her special moment with "her" children was a priceless thing. There is no denying: this woman received a really fantastic surprise, also useful to give everyone a strong and beautiful message of inclusion.

Below is the link to the video that shows the moving episode:


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