A 90 year old man claims to have 50…
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A 90 year old man claims to have 50 children: 17 with his wife, 15 with his sister-in-law, and one with his mother-in-law

May 18, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

When we think about enlarged families, we most likely imagine a family like the Brady Bunch, where two divorced parents with three kids each get married and, thus, now have 6 kids altogether. This phenomena occurs rather frequently and, in modern times, doesn't have an effect on people in one way or another. What comes as a shock, however, is a man from Brazil who claims to have fathered 50 children with his wife, her sister, and even her mother. 

via: Telegraph

Luiz Costa de Oliveira is a 90-year-old retired agriculturist from Brazil and apparently is the father of 50 children. This is at least what he told reporters of a local newspaper outlet. 

They obviously couldn't have come from the same woman, though. In fact, he had 17 children with his fist wife. Then, when he remarried, he had 17 kids with his second wife as well. When his wife asked her sister to live with them to give her a hand with the kids, it didn't take long for her and Luis to have a few rendevouzs themselves. In the end, he fathered 15 children with his sister-in-law. Last but not least, he also had a child with his mother-in-law! 

Luiz admits that its hard for him to remember all the names of his offspring, but given his advanced age and the unusually high number, we'll cut him some slack. We're still not sure whether Luiz is bending the truth just to have his 15 minutes in the limelight. If it's true, though, what a story!  


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