A nurse who contracted Covid-19: with her last strength she begs her colleagues to save her life so as to see her children again

Alison Forde

May 12, 2020

A nurse who contracted Covid-19: with her last strength she begs her colleagues to save her life so as to see her children again

Covid-19 has upset the lives of many families, who have seen some of their loved ones pass away, many times without being able to speak to them again. The virus has not overlooked strata of society and has also infected those who were already giving their lives to save that of the infected.

Today's story is about a nurse who, after assisting the sick, found herself in a hospital bed, begging her colleagues to save her life in order to see her children again.


Kelly Ward is a UK nurse who served during the Coronavirus emergency. She too, like many other colleagues around the world, has worked endless and exhausting shifts, has seen dozens of people lose their lives every day to this damned virus.

When she started feeling bad while at work, she was afraid. The hospital sent her home, seeing her coughing too often. The next day came a strange weakness as well as a fever.

In a short time her condition worsened to the point of not even having the strength to go and do a test for the virus.

Getting worse by the hour, she decided to call an ambulance: on arrival at the hospital she was subjected to the test that revealed what she already knew. She was positive for Covid-19.

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In hospital, Kelly was very nervous. Barely able to breathe on her own, her colleagues told her that they needed to  connect her to a ventilator. At that point Kelly panicked.

She realized that she hadn't even said goodbye to her family, her husband and especially her children. What if it got worse to the point of never seeing them again? Kelly, with the last strength she had, moved the mask off her face and pleaded with her colleagues to save her life, to be able to hug her children again.

Maybe it was fear that made her fight the virus: 24 hours later her condition had improved a lot. A few days later she was discharged, and returned home.

Like Kelly, a great many people have gone through even worse tragic moments than they have ever experienced before. All our support is aimed at nurses and health workers who, defying the virus, provide assistance in this emergency.