After many attempts, this girl with Down syndrome finally managed to go down the stairs alone -
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After many attempts, this girl with…
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After many attempts, this girl with Down syndrome finally managed to go down the stairs alone

By Alison Forde

Couples who cannot have children often have a great opportunity to opt for adoption. In many countries the adoption process is not very simple and could be exhausting in the long run, but surely the satisfaction and joy of finally giving love to another living being will be great. Kavita Baluni and her husband Himanshu Kaktwan immediately understood, from the first photo, that little Veda, a 15-month-old girl with Down syndrome, would be their daughter. Although friends and relatives had tried to dissuade new parents from adopting a girl, - especially a girl with special needs - wife and husband have not listened to any of these "tips".

Little Veda was born with Down syndrome, a vision problem and a strong reduction in muscle tone. She was initially underweight, so much so that she could not support her head with her neck. Veda officially became the daughter of Kavita Baluni and Himanshu Kaktwan in 2017 and since then the road has been long, tiring, but full of satisfaction and beautiful surprises.

Veda is now 4 years old and has no intention of limiting her progress: she goes to therapy, working on language and muscle tone. Thanks to the love of her family and constant trust, little Veda has never stopped believing in herself.

See not only walks, but has also reached another very important step: going down a flight of stairs all by herself!



It may seem like a small thing, but for Veda it was really a great event (and also for her parents!). As her mom recalled, the little girl was really very scared, so much so that she had hesitated for at least half an hour before deciding that she could do it. And in fact, in the end, she did it: step by step, step by step, Veda managed to get to the end of the flight of stairs without falling and with a smile on her face, happy to have achieved such an important goal.

Wishing this wonderful family all the best!



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