Husband and wife find the first photo they took together and recreate it 50 years later -
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Husband and wife find the first photo…
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Husband and wife find the first photo they took together and recreate it 50 years later

March 17, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

The summer of 1968 was particularly a hot one, but that didn't stop a million young Americans from going to one of the most important music festivals in Rock history. It was the festival of Woodstock and, for 3 long days in August, young people from all across the United States gathered together to celebrate hippie culture and rock' n' roll. Many love stories blossomed from these festivals, including the one that blossomed between the couple of our story. Although it's hard to believe that a relationship that began at Woodstock would last, the couple couldn't be happier together, even after 50 years.    

via: Vintag

Call it fate, if you may. But Judy and Jerry probably would not have even met if it weren't for Judy's car breaking down while on their way to Woodstock. Judy and her friend weren't about to cancel their trip, though, so their best option to get to the festival was to hitchhike. Luckily for Judy, a handsome young man, along with some of his friends, stopped and offered them a ride. The handsome young man, if you hadn't guessed already, was Jerry. 

Although 50 years have gone by, both of them remember clearly what happened that day. Once Judy and her friend climbed in the the car, Jerry thought, "Alright, I'm heading to Woodtsock and the strangest thing just happened. This girl I'm offering a ride to is super cute and she doesn't have a tent. But I do." Neither one of them in that moment, however, had immagined that fate was planning something bigger for them than just spending the next three days together.   

It wasn't too long before the two got married, and they've spent the last 50 years happily together. For years, they had been searching for photos from Woodtsock. Even though they had brought their cameras with them, they didn't think to take at least one together. Finally, after a lot of digging, they found one where they were photographed together after knowing each other for barely 48 hours. 

They photo, seen above in a previous photograph says it all: magic, excitment, and a smile that extends from cheek to cheek. The two were so moved by the photo that they decided to recreate it 50 years later. The two got married in December 1975, but they make sure they celebrate their anniversary on the day they first met: on the way to Woodstock, on August 15th.   


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