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A letter of gratitude to the mother-in-laws,…
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A letter of gratitude to the mother-in-laws, a priceless treasure for the youngest grandchildren

By Alison Forde

Although in contemporary and western culture they are often made fun of for their often authoritarian, "intrusive" and all too protective role within a new family, the mother-in-law is instead a real resource for all those mothers who, with dependent children and perhaps also with a job to carry out, do not have all the time in the world to raise children at every hour of the day. Perfect grandmothers, the in-laws have saved the lives of these mothers more than once.

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 Be careful, therefore, to often view them badly or to keep them at a distance because at times they seem apparently intrusive, the mother-in-laws are a real mine of opportunities for a working mom or dad, and for the grandchildren, who can learn tips and pearls of wisdom of how to live from the important figure of the grandmother. For this reason, this imaginary letter to all the mother-in-laws of the world seems right and appropriate to us:

"Dear mother-in-law:

I wish you knew that I really appreciate every single thing you do for my children. I will never erase from my memory the way you look at them and let them know that they are your whole world. Thanks for your patience and dedication and to their care. To drop your work in the middle of the day or to get up from your bed in the middle of the night to take care of them and pamper them. To build fantastic worlds with them with colorful games, and to teach them to paint their dreams on huge shiny canvases. To cook your favorite dishes and make them always feel special. To dance in the crowd, no matter what they think of you. To put aside any commitments with your friends to spend a little more time with them.

For making them your priority from the day they were born. To kiss them, embrace them, listen to them, understand them and pamper them. But above all to love them wholeheartedly.

Thank you so much for being an extraordinary grandmother. "

To all the mother-in-laws in the world, and especially extraordinary grandmothers, we say thank you, thank you, thank you!

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