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15 exciting shots that show the wonderful…
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15 exciting shots that show the wonderful bond between parents and children better than words can

March 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Few things in life are able to change a person's life like the birth of a child. When you become a parent, everything changes. And, despite difficult moments, sacrifices and contrasts, a child will always be a reason for joy and pride for a father or mother.

It is simply a part of us that, as a person absolutely free from any external conditioning, will be directed on the right path to follow in life. And this does not only mean "educating", but also and above all making sure that a child feels loved, supported and never abandoned, even in the toughest situations.

Parents, in fact, are the first models of behavior with which a child comes into contact: from them originates that unique and indissoluble bond that they will carry with them throughout their lives. The small and large protagonists of the images we are about to reveal show you well: 15 photos that, better than a thousand words, describe with strength and simplicity what it means to love a son, father or mother.

1. When mom helps her children - and their friends - reach the next level of the video game!

2. A decidedly original look entirely dedicated to the son who graduated: a tie with Pickachu!


3. Mom and daughter on the same squad serving the law

4. Even in the most difficult situations, a mom will always know how to make her daughter feel special

5. The look of this young dad while holding his little daughter in his arms says it all!


6. A very special pilot and co-pilot: they are mother and daughter!

7. Sharing the same passions is the basis for creating wonderful relationships between parents and children!


8. Even the little ones at home are on the team with their sports dad, and their support is better than any fan!

image: NHL / twitter

9. 34 years of difference, but the love of that past time is always the same ...


10. Only with a mother can you live through a memorable situation like this: she knows how to dress her daughter, even for the wedding!

11. The passion for two wheels is handed down from generation to generation ...

12. Because all three have the same right to sit on Dad's lap!

13. The sacrifice of a dad and the diligence of his daughter, who manages to do her homework even if the comforts are lacking

14. It doesn't matter what job you do: a mom will always find some time for her baby

15. Little drivers grow up: soon he will teach him to drive his car!

A father and mother will always know how to make their little ones feel special! 


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