Following his sister's suggestion, this…
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Following his sister's suggestion, this teenage boy helped an elderly woman cross the street

March 16, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

These days, chivalry and kindness are rare values to find, especially among younger generations. With people, kids and adults included, looking constantly at their phones, they are no longer in tune to the events that take place around them. They therefore miss out on chances where they could lend someone a hand or make a real difference in someone's life. Not everyone is like this, however. The two young protagonists in our story took a minute to look around, and when they saw an elderly woman in need, they helped her out.   

via: Fox19

It started out like any ordinary day for siblings Diamond and Dontarius Caldwell, from Cincinnati, Ohio. While waiting for the bus, Diamond noticed that an elderly lady was having trouble pushing the button at the crosswalk in order to cross the street. She then asked her brother to go help her, but before she could say more, he was already walking toward the elderly lady in distress... 

Afraid that the elderly woman may be blind (or at least unable to see very well), the 15-year-old asked if she would like help crossing the street. Without hesitation, the woman extended her arm and, in a nod of approval, Dontarius accompanied her to the other side of the road. 

In that exact moment, a man by the name of Mike Garibay passed by and witnessed the entire scene. Moved by Dontarius's kindness, he decided to catch the touching moment on video and post it to his Facebook page. 


It took no time for the video of Dontarius walking the elderly lady down the street to make its rounds on various social media platforms. Many people called him a hero and praised him for his kind act. To which he responded, "I was only lending an elderly lady a friendly hand. The key word here is 'friendly hand.' Everyone should be willing to lend a "friendly hand" when someone is in need of it." 


Well said, Dontarius. And let's not forget about his sister Diamond, who was the one who took a minute to look around and see the elderly lady in need!  


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