This dog kept her baby pups from freezing…
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This dog kept her baby pups from freezing to death by burrowing a hole in the snow and shielding them with her body

March 10, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

The love and instinct of a mother knows no limits. In fact, most mother's would go to any length to save their children, evening lifting a 3,000 lbs car off their child pinned underneath. Motherly love doesn't apply only to humans, though. Many mothers in the animal kingdom would also go to any length to keep their fur babies safe, even in life or death situations. 

The protagonist in this particular story is a small, white, stray dog, who risked her own life to keep her baby pups from perishing in the cold. 

Our story takes place in the northwestern part of Minnesota, where winters are very harsh and have more than their fair share of snowfall. These conditions make it especially difficult, if not impossible, for animals without homes or shelters to survive. 

Snowbelle (what the protagonist in our story was eventually named) happened to be one of these animals. Apart from having no shelter, poor Snowbelle no longer had any milk to feed her babies. Cold and hungry, she did the only thing she could think of that would at least keep her pups warm. She dug a burrow in the snow so that the pups could wrap themselves up in her body heat and protect them from the harsh winter conditions.   

Snowbelle herself, wasn't in great condition. The lack of food and warmth made her chances of survival very slim. Snowbelle wasn't about to give up on her babies, though. And that meant she would do everything in her power to keep them alive. 


Just when she was about to give up hope, a human family walked by, saw the condition she was in, and took her and her pups immediately to a local animal shelter called Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Once at the shelter, no one could believe what Snowbelle had done for her pups. They made her recovery first priority and, after a few days, Snowbelle began producing enough milk to feed her babies again. 

Snowbelle's past is still unclear to Red Lake and Pet Projects, the shelter that took Snowbelle in after her pups were adopted into human families. They don't know if she was lost, abandoned, or has been a stray her whole life. What they do know is that she is a loving and caring mother, who did whatever it took to keep her pups safe. If she doesn't deserve a "mom of the year" award, then who does?   

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