They ask her to disguise herself as her favorite superhero and the little girl chose to "makeup" as her father -
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They ask her to disguise herself as…
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They ask her to disguise herself as her favorite superhero and the little girl chose to "makeup" as her father

March 26, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When superheroes are not the subject of comics and films, they can be found around the corner, perhaps next door neighbors, capable of using their greatest superpower of all: love, affection, generosity. In everyday life, moms and dads are often the biggest and bravest superheroes, and little Aubrey Archuleto, an 11-year-old girl from Colorado, on the occasion of the school's fancy dress party, knows this very well. She decided to disguise herself ... as her father!

via: Unilad UK

When asked what she wanted to disguise herself as during the school celebrations for the carnival period, Aubrey didn't think twice: no female superhero from the comics. For her characters like Wonder Woman or Iron Man were not good enough, no. The best superhero she knew was called Brian Hills, and he was her dad.

When Brian learned that the little girl would dress up as himself, his heart exploded with joy, and the post he shared on Facebook on the Life of Dad group has already exceeded 11,000 enthusiastic shares:

"My daughter tells me this morning she's supposed to dress as her favorite superhero for school today. I began to give...

Pubblicato da Life of Dad su Venerdì 7 febbraio 2020

Brian Hills' enthusiastic and moving post states: "My daughter dressed up as me this morning for the fancy dress party; she was actually supposed to disguise herself as her favorite superhero for the school party. I started giving her ideas, but she immediately interrupted me and said: "No, I want to dress like you, dad." She did everything herself and I was speechless. Best daddy moment ever! " 

In Brian and his daughter Aubrey's large extended family there is no biological mother, but they currently live happily under one roof together with Aubrey's stepmother Jessica and her 16-year-old stepsister Bella.

Congratulations little Aubrey for choosing to celebrate, even for a day, the extraordinary powers of the best superhero in the world: your dad!

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