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A husband and wife have created a "superfamily"…
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A husband and wife have created a "superfamily" with 16 children and have absolutely no regrets

February 23, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are some women who feel the desire to become mothers right away and others who, instead, wait for the moment that according to them seems more suitable to give birth and take care of another human being.

Therefore, there is no right or wrong, it is just a matter of knowing what you want out of life and then to define and set your priorities. 

And Lyette Reback must have already figured out what she wanted from life before she turned 20 (congratulations!) because at the age of 19, she met her future husband David Kay and after only 10 days she decided to marry him!

And two years later, Lyette was pregnant with their first daughter and could not have wished for anything more. And today, she is 44 years old and has 16 children—11 biological and 5 adopted—a super family!

via: Dailymail
If some moms and dads go crazy trying to take care of two children, imagine the stress level that Lyette and David must manage in order to raise 16 children!
Lyette and David's brood consists of Daly Kay, 21, Ryli, 20, Bliss, 19, Kemper, 17, Glory, 15, Trinity, 13, Liberty, 11, Sojourner, 8, Victory, 6, Verity, 4, Courson, 12, Judson, 10, Shepherd, 10, Ransom, 8, Stone, 5 and Vaughn, 2. A very nice squad, indeed!

In regards to the family budget, according to the couple, the family spends about $650 a week just on food alone, which they buy from a wholesale store.

Therefore, although raising children can be considered a great lifestyle choice - or at least, this is what Lyette and her husband David obviously think - it is a choice that certainly involves costs as well as responsibilities.
Lyette and David's family is so large that when they need to go out together, they have to take a bus! Imagine what it must be like to go out together to a shopping mall!?
Lyette realizes that she and her husband have made an unconventional lifestyle choice that not everyone would make. Despite everything, this incredible wife and husband are extremely happy with their choices and their successes!
And as far as the couple's lifestyle choice and commitment to their children and family are concerned—by the woman's own admission—"We could not have done otherwise."
Consequently, in the final analysis—after 26 years of marriage, 16 children and 5 dogs, Lyette and David could not be happier!
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