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Loki, the huge German shepherd who takes…
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Loki, the huge German shepherd who takes care of this little girl at home as if she were his little sister

By Alison Forde

The giant and the girl. This is what comes to mind at first glance looking at the images of Loki and Tallulah. These are not characters from a cartoon, nor a story for children, but two figures in flesh and blood ... To be precise, we are talking about a splendid example of a German shepherd and his best friend, the little girl from the Symes family, inseparable friends.

The two are the protagonists of many adventures, at home and outside, so much so that an Instagram page was also dedicated to the huge German shepherd, in which the photos are regularly shared. The account bio reads that Tallulah is "Loki's" human animal ", and we couldn't agree more!

Just a look at the photos of this couple is enough to realize that they have established a very special relationship. After all, you know, dogs and children are capable of developing an empathy that is often truly unique. Both are extremely curious and playful, and therefore it is natural that they end up liking each other.

Dogs also have a great protective instinct that leads them to keep an eye on the little humans they are in contact with wherever they go. So does Loki who, since baby Tallulah arrived in the family, hasn't let go of her for a second. He is a sort of "bodyguard" for her, and Loki never misses an opportunity to make her laugh or surprise her with her games and her expressions of affection.


Despite growing up, this great German shepherd has always remained a puppy at heart, and this has helped the human child to grow up with a splendid and beneficial companion by her side. The splendid character of the dog meant that the parents were more and more convinced of how valuable it could be for Tallulah, although at first they suffered a little apprehension precisely because of the large size of Loki. 

This great dog, however, is always there, ready to behave with the little girl almost as if he were a second father, or an older brother. And it seems that the Symes have two children, looking at the shots that portray Tallulah and Loki intent on having a good time in all possible ways. 

The child has never been afraid of the German shepherd, not even for a moment: it will be because these wonderful animals, even if they are not endowed with language, manage to return precious emotions and feelings to us humans, as no one else can do ... 

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