This dog broke through French doors and saved two defenseless women from domestic violence -
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This dog broke through French doors…
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This dog broke through French doors and saved two defenseless women from domestic violence


The protagonist of this story wanted to remain anonymous, even if her moving and incredible story was originally published on Facebook.

In fact, in that very long post, she shared her story in which she highlighted how her brave dog had helped saved two women from the violent abuse being perpetrated by a dangerous and unscrupulous man.

Just like in a scene from a movie, the woman's female dog, named Camie, literally broke through French doors to get into the house and stop the violence before it was too late ...

The long post by the anonymous author was then spread by Love What Matters and quickly reached thousands of users all over the world. This is her story as told in the protagonist's own words:

"My friend had a violent boyfriend. We both knew he was a violent sociopath, but of course, being his girlfriend, this was something she had long denied. But, in the end, she couldn't deny it anymore and tried to leave him once and for all. While being beaten, she managed to escape from him and drove the short distance to my house to be safe. But my house wasn't safe though. He followed her, kicked through the glass on the French doors and unlocked the bolt from the inside.

I wish I could say that one of us made a brave stand against him, but we didn't. He quickly cornered us and used his fists and scarves to silence and subdue us. He told us what he would do to both of us (I would never repeat it here) and I had pretty much resigned myself to it, too beaten to fight and for whatever reason... It was then that Camie, my pit/lab mix dog ​​broke through the remainder of the French glass doors and came barreling into the room.

Now, Camie is a sweet, loving, goofy dog. She was as gentle as can be with all the neighborhood kids and had never so much as snarled, she was even kinda dumb, a silly, sweet girl. But when Camie got a hold of this guy, she was a different animal. She was wild-eyed and foaming at the mouth, bleeding from all the cuts she had received from the glass, and not giving a single f**k. She was on top of him in the blink of an eye, and I cannot describe the sound coming out of her!

“My friend had an abusive boyfriend. We both knew he was an abusive sociopath, but of course being his girlfriend, this...

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"The sound of the garage door opening froze us all in place. My father was home.  The guy tried to take advantage of the moment and get away but Camie backed him into a corner and barked and snarled her head off. My dad must have understood something about that sound because he was in that room in no time flat, with a gun in his hand. The police came. Reports were filed. The trial was held and he went away. Apparently, this was not even his first assault. [...] Dogs are often called man's best friends, but sometimes they are more than just friends—they are our heroes."
This wonderful and moving anonymous story certainly shows us once again that the intelligence and the instinctive protective nature of dogs in regards to their human friends and family are truly ... amazing! Thanks, Camie!

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