An abusive man chases away a dog sleeping in his parking space, and the dog takes revenge on the man's car -
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An abusive man chases away a dog sleeping…
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An abusive man chases away a dog sleeping in his parking space, and the dog takes revenge on the man's car

February 18, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Never underestimate the vengeance of dogs! If we do them wrong, they will remember and know how to take revenge on us human beings in the most unexpected ways.

And certainly, a dog's destructive revenge would not have been expected by this man from Chongqing, China, who had found for the umpteenth time the same stray dog sleeping peacefully in his parking space!

However, being very angry and impatient, not only did the man decide to physically remove the sleeping dog from his parking space but he also furiously kicked and beat the dog, making sure that the dog ran away!

After he had violently abused the poor dog, the man got back into his car, parked, and got out to continue on foot into the city center to start his usual working day, as if nothing had happened!
And of course, he would never have even imagined what was happening in the meantime! In fact, the abused dog had called for reinforcements and was putting into action a textbook case of spiteful revenge ...
If it were not for a neighbor in the area who had witnessed everything and then taken pictures of the incident, the violent owner of the car would never have imagined who could have damaged his car in such a vindictive manner!
But what did the dogs do? In a nutshell, when the abused dog called his canine friends, they had all literally "attacked" the car—by gnawing, scratching, and biting the fenders, doors, and windshield wipers in a systematic and destructive way!
Although it may not be clear what the reason was for what appears to be a very real and violent attack on the car, perpetrated by a small pack of angry dogs, one thing seems certain, the abusive man's behavior was cruel and unwarranted.
In any case, now most certainly, the man will think twice before beating and kicking a dog whose only "crime" is having dozed off in his parking space.
If not, then the universal laws of karma will always be there to remind him!
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