This teacher carried a disabled pupil on her shoulders so as not to exclude her from the school field trip -
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This teacher carried a disabled pupil…
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This teacher carried a disabled pupil on her shoulders so as not to exclude her from the school field trip


For some people, altruism is much more than a value to remember only from time to time—it is a real and personal life mission.

This means that, on any occasion and with anyone who needs it, these men and women are willing and able to get involved in helping others as much as they can.

One of these people is Helma Wardenaar, a woman who already works in a profession in which being empathic and helping others are absolutely fundamental.

Helma is, in fact, a school teacher, and lives her profession in a special way. For her, all students must have the same opportunities to learn and have fun.

So, naturally, when it came to going on a school field trip, she decided to find a way for one of her pupils, a little girl who due to her physical disability seemed destined to remain on the sidelines, to also participate.

via: CBS News
The little schoolgirl is named Maggie and she has cerebral palsy, which unfortunately does not allow her to live and be active like the other children. In fact, she is forced to use a walker or a wheelchair to move around.
Therefore, it goes without saying that, in such a situation, the two-day school field trip to go hiking and discover the woods and wildlife in the countryside was practically impossible for the little girl to manage.
Conscious of all this, Helma decided to intervene personally, to help Maggie and, therefore, not exclude her from the fun and excitement that she, like all the other students, was entitled to.
After thinking about various solutions in regards to taking little Maggie along during the school field trip—and all the difficulties involved—she had an idea.
With the help of a hiking accessories retailer, Helma managed to create a special backpack that allowed her to hold, support, and carry Maggie on her back and shoulders.
Thanks to the special backpack, the teacher was able to bring Maggie along on the two-day school field trip hiking in the woods, along the walking paths, and in the countryside.

So, with a little extra effort, this woman managed to give a precious gift to a young girl in difficulty—a smile and the enormous feeling of happiness at being included and able to participate in a special event with her classmates.
And most of all, as Helma herself said, this was precisely the greatest reward for her, too, as a teacher and practitioner of genuine altruism!

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