Some people made fun of her because she suffers from a rare form of dwarfism and today she teaches children to accept and respect others -
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Some people made fun of her because…
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Some people made fun of her because she suffers from a rare form of dwarfism and today she teaches children to accept and respect others

February 16, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Life is not easy for anyone, not even for those who seem to have been born with much more luck or good fortune.

Yet it is undeniable that some people have had to struggle much more to be accepted and respected by society, their family and, in many cases, even by themselves.

The truth is that we are all born and will all die and, in the meantime, we live the best we can, striving to stay afloat and attempting to manage the challenges that life presents us.

We are all human beings, yet those born with some form of disability struggle even more than others to find their place in the world and to be accepted and respected.

This is the story of Megan Grannan, a 26-year-old woman, born with a very rare form of dwarfism that makes her look like a 4-year-old girl.

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MEET MEGAN GRANNAN. My name is Megan Grannan! I am 26. I have a rare form dwarfism called Metatropic Dysplasia. My...

Pubblicato da Women Without Borders su Venerdì 2 agosto 2019
Megan is now a young woman who has never matured physically, due to the serious illness by which she is affected that has resulted in her chest remaining like that of a 5-year-old girl, while her limbs are longer.
Consequently, her life has not been not easy at all. And the doctors told her mother that Meghan's life expectancy was very low and that she would surely not exceed 5 years of age.
Furthermore, Meghan's life has also been complicated since she was a child by having to deal with some people who in no uncertain terms have considered her to be "less intelligent" and unattractive.
Such offensive and cruel comments together with frequent public humiliations have had an even more painful impact on her state of being than her actual physical condition.
Today, however, this young woman has had her share of successes and accomplishments and continues to have the strength and capacity to tell her story to the world.
In fact, against all expectations, Megan has not only survived and grown-up, but she has also studied, obtained a degree, and become a young elementary teacher.
After obtaining her degree, Megan decided that she would like to become an elementary teacher which was, without a doubt, a courageous choice.
She chose this profession to overcome every barrier and to teach children to respect and welcome differences —and obviously, it does not matter to Megan that her pupils are taller than she is!
Megan says that she would have liked to have learned much earlier to respect and accept herself and now she hopes to be able to help future generations.
Remember—accepting and respecting yourself and others are the first steps in building a much kinder and better world.

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