After a tragic car accident, this dog takes care of his owner for 40 hours until help arrives -
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After a tragic car accident, this dog…
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After a tragic car accident, this dog takes care of his owner for 40 hours until help arrives

February 21, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The world is full of brave dogs and their owners and human friends who need to be rescued or saved.

And a dog knows very well how to show loyalty and affection by returning all the love it has received from its owner.

Moreover, it is known that dogs are able to perceive, better than we human beings, dangerous situations and almost always try to protect and warn us about life-threatening circumstances.

A case in point is Sako, a very intelligent black male German Shepherd who literally saved his 16-year-old owner Joseph's life after a tragic car accident involving an aunt, a cousin, and a friend.

The accident occurred during what seemed to be a peaceful car trip returning home. But when the car crashed, unfortunately, everyone lost their lives except Joseph, who miraculously remained alive, thanks also to Sako's intervention.

Yes, the only survivors were Joseph and his beloved Sako, his German Shepherd dog who has always been by his side since early childhood.
In regards to his surviving the car accident, Joseph said that he had fallen asleep in one of the back seats and woke up with a start, without really understanding what was going on.
In fact, after the sudden and terrible impact, Joseph only remembers that he found himself unable to move (the teenage boy had suffered multiple fractures)—so, in reaction to his shock and confusion, he curled up near Sako and fell asleep.
His dog, Sako, never abandoned him—remaining steadfastly by his side for 40 hours, until Joseph's cousin, after two days of frantic searching, managed to find them.
During those very long 40 hours, Sako did everything he could to comfort and protect Joseph and make sure that his owner survived!
In fact, Sako brought him twigs and sticks to start a small fire (fortunately Joseph had a lighter with him!), he kept him hydrated by dragging him to a nearby stream, and had even protected Joseph from a possible attack by wild animals.

Joseph says that the remembers hearing with his own ears the sound of these animals, presumably some coyotes. And Sako wasted no time in going to fight with them. After a while, Sako returned to Joseph, but this time with a neck injury evidently acquired while scaring off the wild animals!
Joseph is well aware that if not for Sako's presence and intelligent reaction—and everything that his faithful, courageous, and loving dog did for him, perhaps this story would not have had the happy ending it warranted.
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